Of the Red-Blue Body

Upon Hearing a Recording By Denise Levertov

Light woman
I heard your
Not baw-dy
That could not be true
It was a round
O or oval said unhurriedly
A light Welsh note
Sung softly to yourself near a sea
The sea bode-eee
Oh Daleth where have you abided?
A bodee
The body of Light
Comes through a door
And Daleth is four
The completing door
This room of varied hue
Red to blue
Where you sing in vowels
Rather than sharpened sounds
Cutting sounds
Vowels are sounds of pleasure
In youth is play-azure
Pleasure pleases in pleasure is youth
And in that Light is red and blue
Fire glow
And I'm glad this is true
Also the depths of firmament blue
Daleth this is you
The red-blue where you are
A body

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