In Future

When wandering children
Walk the roadways
And ride downrushing waters

To waiting deliverances
And the penniless ask
And take nothing
The burdened give freely
And humble strangers gather unasked
In gestures of the Earth
When the waterfalls rivulet a melody
To the mountains
And you rest nearby
When the quail heavily lifts and flies
Back into the forest
And you hold your bow
When animals graze as though planted
In the hot distance and you only watch
When across forty miles of high country
You recognize human fire
When mayflies mate
Wasps row the constant oval
From streambed to western eaves
And you approve
When lupines, starbursts, poppies
Light yellow jonquils crowd the path
And you step through
As in an ancient Temple
Then in that time
Say Barry's name

Dedicated to Barry Eisenberg, 1986

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