Tremors and ground swells
grew frequent, grew longer,
cracking the dry crust
that had formed a pyramid around me;

Fran Resendez
"Volcano", I Will Build My Own Dwelling


On the scareb back
On the skull top
The triangle has been written
Egyptian wings spread to fly
Mind rises through the bone
Triangle tri-angel
As above so below
Pale triangle covered and aglow
Every mystery has a garment
The secret places are not dark
But light, lighter than revealed skin
In the shared places of the day--
You shun to be fixed by the pyramid
But in fixity is compressed power
You would rather be a volcano
Yes split open arch
That is also blessed
Let us fire the lick of moisture
Burst seeds into the Black Goddess
Who is rich and sweet and dark
Who takes all that there is
We will be white skeletons
When all of it is over
When I fly up toward the sun
Through the arched chambers
The labial coves
The infoliated red snake of transformation
Will we meet in the emptied quiet
When all of it is over?
The lozenge and receding rings alight
And the middle triangle of breath heaving
Triangel tri-angel
Brown red eyes down and to the sides
Omphalos in a rise and fall
Blue veins pound beside the breathing red
The moisture cooled and dried
Dry-lifted light to drift and fly
In the triangles are three angels
The arched the smoothed the blessed
And I your steed dismembered
For the sacrifice
In the scareb sacred temple
Of earthly night


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