No burrs on the floor Gwen
Tasselled with your black thick hair
The floor is clean I swept it
Avrah took you finally when she found her love
Next time you explode
Your ten pounds of energy
Under the garden fence
Across the field howling harmless indignation
That'll be a memory
Something I'll keep
For its unimportance

And your polite approach
Never to interrupt
For a burr-pulling
The silken ears the delicate snout
They couldn't have been comfortable

You asked me
I groomed
You sat
Saying in ways brief and sufficient
Human you have fingers
The alert steady eyes on mine
Which are brown too but so what who cares you didn't

The way you brought the ribbed spines into reach
That was universal intelligence Gwen
And how you opened your black lips
Showing lower teeth remarkably like Barry Eisenberg's
All of it said
You knew I understood
Small things


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