The Pavane

I'm raising you up on a bier
The pavane is already playing
To a stately drum-beat sound
That mingles with the thunder
Of the morning sea

The sun follows us at a distance
The procession strides West
The sky a mild blue

Where we are going
On a rise is a silhouette
A lone pine like the triangle
You studied on my sweater
The Tree of Life

I thought these were shadows
On the pathside
But there is no moon now
They're fallen empty leaves
It is September
Time to light a candle

Why is that deer keening
Five times?


Ann Katz Pencoff
in memoriam
July 21, 1944-September 16, 1993

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Krainis Consort, "Pavane for a King",Krainis Consort, Nonesuch Records, n.d.

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