To Edward De Vere, Earl of Bulbeck,
Lord Oxenford, Chief Lord Chamberlain,
the never-recognized "Shakespeare", 1550-1604

Bulbeck earl, Bulbeck earl
True heraldry unfurl
Shake the Spear, hand uncurl
And unto all times hurl
Bulbeck earl

Chamberlain, Chamberlain
Verify the inner slain
The wounded heart, the uttered pain
Truth does never wane

Oxenford, Oxenford
Truth high king, you a lord
Through Time and lies downcourse poured
The lancet pen a mighty sword

E. De Vere, E. De Vere
Ever you are here
True song shall persevere
Beauty seer
E. De Vere

In affectionate regard,

WJ Ray
March 14, 2003

Edward De Vere
Edward De Vere, St. Albans Portrait

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