The Journey

Song of the Road at Forty

Murchison Falls, Africa
Murchison Falls, Africa - Photo by Eliot Porter

The years drift toward me like leaves in a mild wind
I love the day that I can see and breathe
And the nights jeweled with stars
With the moon in passage through a necklace of cloud
Ancient mercy gave this light

In summer locusts bow chanting to the earth
As it swells and pulses with heat
After a rain frogs by thousands lope and pause in the dark
Their choruses go on and on...
Life is a perfect sound

When winter tips the undulant lands
And ice patches snap into filigree
Birds rise in one rush singing
Aiming en route on the wind
Nature will carry us to our own

These rhythms cannot be chance nor the space between
When I rest by the side of the mountain road
The forest gods surround me and are kind
They abide somewhere in the trees
But I rise and freely go

When all this is done and I am no one
Walk outside and look at the stars
At falling waters at lightning far away
The beautiful is the splendor of the true
This was what I knew
And all I ever wanted to know

WJ Ray
January 1984

Wm Ray at age 40
The author at age 40








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