The Journey

Song of the Road at Forty-six

We're stopping at the tavern
We have traveled all morning
Tonight there will be a place to rest
What dreams will rise
The whole journey
The coach still rollicks over the stones
Behind my eyelids
When I pause a moment and sigh
We meet here by chance
It is inevitable and good
You no longer recognize the face
Your look is wide but loving
The forests we crossed
Were so rich and deep
They broke blindingly into fields
Scattered farmlands there
Didn't frighten the deer
The tavern master waits
He knows I won't be there long
He sees the wordless maiden
Impatient to go on
I have performed my duty
To escort the princess to her land
Since every mystery is true
I imagine myself king but say nothing
She would only smile with a gentle pity anyway
I'll take her there safely
In another night and day
Roads level near the sea
Then turn north alone
The eyes of animals will follow me
With perfect understanding

Photo by Jan Lukas

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