The Journey

Bas Relief of the deity Apsaras, Cambodia, - Photo by Roloff Beny
Bas Relief of the deity Apsaras, Cambodia
Photo by Roloff Beny

The Girl on the Road

The girl on the road
Behind two small red flowers of embarrassment
Touched the electric down
At the back of her neck
Like her mother
A natural force
Unlike her mother
Free of fault
She wants only one thing a live fuck
In the mystic combinations of God
That moment becomes forever
Fifty-one years old
Young girls coming on to me
Me out of the race
Off the track in deep grass years now
Sophocles said at seventy
Sex is the grip of a madman
He was glad to be old
Four times used to be about right
I never knew I was tired
We didn't have heating on Ashby Avenue
Now we do
The cordwood too heavy for her
I dug a seventy-foot trench from the tank to the house
Another hundred to the three stoves
Never dreamed I'd lay this much pipe
It took about all I got left
I write she confides with our youngest in another room
I hear the voices not the words but feel comforted
Their emotion makes a gentle melody of rise and fall
They have given me notice of the future time
When all hurt touched and shared
Will dissolve in compassion's tears
Without them I have no particular reason to live

Night settles
In time for the Millennium I should be impotent
But still smell her reeking liquid joy
Listening to the springtime torrents of rain

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