The Journey

Van Gogh Summerfield
Van Gogh, Summerfield

The Logician

I hold you and later we talk
The words slip singly
Into the snug dark
Plain word and presence
The sibilant labors before
Made sacred by our rest
Love we yet keep making

From cardboards emerge
The sweater of torquoise
Given you of Hannah
Violet purple red blue
Through her knowing above all what is gift
And the prodigious power to act
She spurred and speeded wool
Beyond itself to good
That came to rest near you
Love we chance began so keep making

The royal Iris lasted long this Spring
Forget-me-nots and primroses
Slept in shadows of pines at noon
Semblance rooves to living rooms
Where silences mute lovely looms
Looms we will not finish
We make we abandonly create
Out of hearing of the world
That interchanges day and date

I cannot prove these words
Beyond the worlds of senses
I need no other worlds than these

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