The Journey

St John's Night

Singing somewhere and hot evening
Unmoored and moving into night
Draw me out to the gallery
The hand-hewn promontory
Far across my children murmur near their music
Wistful conga blues
Sorrows of the concrete streets
And yearnings for secret fires coming soon
Frankie found his first affair/Now it's his turn to cryyy...
I ain't a gonna give in/I'm tired of workin' for a living'...
I'll lie here until the early star
Drifts between pine boughs
And leave them a distance
The young girl knowing
The melodies where I have no proper part
And evening glides deeper
Lilac heaven is a harmony
Color motions of an undersea
Washed in pale red wine then imperceptibly blue
The wind begun on a colossal sea
Pulls easily in waves
Through the fields and insect wings
Lulling the living myriads
They sing in trills and croaks
To some glory in the afterglow
Sky you are so open and so wide
Inner heavens rise this night
Rising curves silent and huge
Gathering at once the music and light
Angels ascend then fall
A living motion more than life
Pulled onward by the sun or what we see as sun
Pulsing in hour day and month
And still the swelling unheard sound
Incomprehensibly refining a galaxy
Maidens by the doorway still
Men live worthy to touch their hair
This is my blood and they let me stay
Near the music within the music
Of St. John's Night

Vincent Van Gogh, Night Fires
Vincent Van Gogh, Night Fires

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