The Journey

Song of the Road At Seventy-Five

The Consolation

A dream of Avrah:
She was a Judge now
As in old Judah
It was time for her to travel North
The Place of Spirit
Then bear East, Enlightenment

Around us the falling dark
She still asked after me
As time disappeared
I felt a lurch of dread
She drove so often
The roads were perilous

The hour to depart
I stood in a broad courtyard
Concrete formed geometries
This was San Bernardino
Seventh and E Streets
The high white granite building to the West
The War Memorial, later renamed
After Rabbi Norman F. Feldheym
Born in 1906, his first home 1940 Bonita Avenue
Five blocks from us in Berkeley
One of few men who cared for me

In the courtyard at blinding noon
Stood Donna waiting to depart
Avrah would be safe now
I walked over, immediately she turned
Though surprised we met
At first there was a space
We embraced––I said dear Donna
Then left in search of Laytonville
Disappearing North of there

WJ Ray
December 7, 2018


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