The Journey

Song of the Road At Seventy-Three

Daylight Rabbit:
A Premonition

Just riding the bicycle South on East Side Road
Suddenly the rabbit still gold-pelted from winter
Rippled cross my path, its muzzle pointing East
––the Birthplace of Enlightenment––
I felt familiar mortal dread below:
Always before, it meant someone died
I wondered shall I return home
But pumped away up the hill instead
Toward broad cattle and sheep grazing fields
Then, turning West––Land of the Dead––
David Ortiz stopped me from the opposite lane
To say he survived an operation and
Would have another in three days
“That is good if you are up to it,” I said
––Hell yes he was up to it––
“Lots of luck,” I said
––Don't need luck, I've got plenty––
Man on the brink and unafraid

After dark the fire going, Spring torrents of rain,
Daniel sent the poem, “Golden Rabbits”
Exalting their uncanny gait as Mystic signal
Inexorably loping on the Way

David visited the Land of the Dead; he returned
Daniel, who wrote of “Golden Rabbits” that night,
Followed the daylight rabbit East
In gold-shaded ripples of light

Daniel Marlin, in memoriam
emortuus August 7, 2017

WJ Ray
April 12, 2017-
August 23, 2017

Dan and Toshiko at Willits
March 11, 2013

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