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In the Carnival

Land once before you fly out
Tell me what this is all about
Shade the sun shake your hair
Let me whirl you round the fair
Pay a Gypsy never mind
The solemn words we leave behind

Daniel Marlin, Blue Night, Manizales

Daniel Marlin
Blue Night, Manizales

Wendy's Blues 

Some time she plain and in the background
Some time flashed out in the front
She a chamelion she change with the weather
She a woman she get what she want

A Portrait by Francis Bruguiere
A Portrait by Francis Bruguiere

The Celebrant 

I would this ardent tip
Before its time be over
Glide 'gainst swelled lip
And surely carnal heaven seek
Traveling ribbed liquided cheek
To languid lave and kiss
Yea pause to graze in bliss
As higher tresses heave as seas
And deluge crush and cover
Earth and heaven before we cease

Rocking Chair Blues 

Don't know babe
How far I got to run (2)
Great long time
Since we first begun

Went a long way
Before we settled down (2)
Your breathing babe
Favored the railroad sound

One thing worried me
The rising sun (2)
You skinned me alive
We had our fun

Liked more than
We liked less (2)
Back in the woods you
All the way undress'

Creekside dust
Too hot to bear (2)
You was thigh-high in the water
Just putting up your hair

In an alley when
We was going on
Sound of dishes
Humming of a song
Peddlar's horse there
So sad and calm

One thing babe
You know is true (2)
Wanted your good man
Got to live with him too

Don't know babe
How far I got to run (2)
Come here sweet
Rocking chair no fun

Mustang Sally* 

Additional Verses

Mustang Sally
I know you been slipping around (2)
Remind me baby
Of the names you used
When you worked downtown

Oh--Mustang Sally
Really like to slow you down (2)
Lay you out somewhere Sally
Ain't you been a long time
Bumping around?

Yes you fast girl
Might lose out chasing you home (2)
It don't take speed though
To reach and take hold
Of that curry comb

Listen now baby
Do you feel like settling down? (2)
Help you some there Sally
I'll kneel back while you raise
Your shapely feet off the ground

*Bonny Rice

Betsy From Pike* 

With Additional Verses

This is the story of Betsy from Pike
Who crossed the blue mountains with her lover Ike
Two yoke of oxen a big yellow dog
A tall Shanghai rooster and a brown spotted hog
Sing dow de diddle dow doll de dowdoll de day

Came to the desert and Betsy give out
All on the ground she was rolling about
Ike in great terror and total surprise
Said Betsy get up you'll get sand in your eyes

Got to the gold fields and staked them a claim
Ike first declared he'd win fortune and fame
The sheriff he chuckled the townfolk the same
But the children ran up and asked, what is your name?

Ike and sweet Betsy attended a dance
Ike wore a pair of his Pike yellow pants
Sweet Betsy dressed up in her ribbons and rings
Quoth Ike: You're an angel but where are your wings?

Ike said to sweet Betsy, oh please dance with me
I will you old horse but I won't make it free
I'll tell you the reason if you want to know why
Doggone you I'm chock full of strong alkali

Betsy woke up one morning Ike was carrying a sack
It bent his head over it doubled his back
Come to me sweet Betsy I'll dress you in gold
You'll ride in a carriage and you'll never be cold

So long to Pike County goodbye for a while
We'll come back and visit when we panned out our pile

Sing dow de diddle dow doll de dowdoll de day
Sing dow de diddle dow doll de dowdoll de day...

A birthday present to Judith 1991
*(Traditional) Pike County Missouri
was the American 19th century talltale
equivalent of the fools of Chelm

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