Sport of Kings

Daniel Marlin, Street Glow Manhattan
Daniel Marlin, Street Glow Manhattan


America you are not beautiful
Electronically exploding through the television's 5,000 momentary dots
The image of a lissome maiden's outlined tit
Marketing induced refreshment wherein freshness can't exist
As it plummets the throats of the billion zombie minds
We're talking big money here
And always one bubble of the deluge
malappropriating gravity for the corporate function at hand
Is the Controller god, the Subverter god, the Seducer
Teaser, Quantifier, Fragmenter, User of the color red
Knowing with the certainty of science an instinctive sense of danger
Lingers still in the genetics of even a continent of saps
Who wear perhaps the ugliest ties in history
Not out of a sweatshop where were always a few artists
But from a machined program that links desire to purchase
In one strangling loop: maybe it's true, clothes do make the chimp

No, America you are not beautiful--you succor nests of somnolated snakes
In whose pit the minor electric shock of radiation is dark relief
From the reptilian manufacture of Emptiness
Oh destitute inheritor of a Dago's good name
Unable to know gratitude because your hands are too clean
Dream of the world because no one remembers
Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrah, even Nineveh, were not dreams
While the geometric multitudes of copulation
Have become an engine racing side by side with your kill-quick Controller god
China India Mexico kill them by the numbers they're ready with millions more
Who gets first to disaster is not the most interesting news
While year after year the formalist nut-auction called mass democracy
Produces yet another Paul Fredericks shirt with a four-in-hand knot
Keeping it all together and I haven't voted with the majority in a generation
Are any cattle safe from the slaughter?

But how well I recall Reagan the B-movie coming in to herald
The sleek sides and belly of totalo advertising
A brand-new era for Swift among the Yahoos
While we waited in line for a Mexican meal listening
To the pointed words drifting downwind from the librarian
That it was time for a change
Reagan it never would have been this clear without you
Standing wax-museumish in the Nazi cemetery in a raincoat
That contrasted properly with Pancake Makeup, honoring the fallen German dead
And when we say the word fallen we're not talking about a cake
No matter there were no Jews in your Illinois hometime, just niggers
Oh grammatical monstrosity whose killing ciphers wore a wardrobe not uniforms
You and Nixon were the nightlights to the cesspool
Truth didn't matter as much as chopping wood
And Nero couldn't have been all bad if Rita Hayworth was in the movie
Mewling cats, lapdogs, splendiferous parakeets must have their day
Given the flight from thought the abandonment of tradition
Vidi veni vici abdicate absquatulate eviscerate like crowded rats in a cage
Like the Gaboon viper that bit itself to death in a Philadelphia zoo
The kill scenes start taking on do-it-yourself logic
The possibility of home improvement meshes with the beams and matrices of rage
So much planned evil sporting respectability why not you?

And the rumor keeps growing though impolite in professional circles
That destruction is King and ghost souls are clambering
To occupy prime districts of the moral vacuum
That cowardice consists in permissable egoism cultivating an overhanging gut
And satisfied snout just back from a teeth cleaning
And the one expendable feature of current affairs is Life
Any horror watch your step down please
As long as it doesn't infringe on the shipping lanes bearing the gas
And the world product network made lethally safe for peaceful exploitation
There's 2,000 feet of waterline nicely making way through the East Timor dead
Blood in the coffee and corpses under the container ships
Stretched end to end like an ant path back to the gigantic grainy hill
Made solid with steel but surely some day the tectonic shelves shall tip and
The sea roll down only that we be told it never happened
So America take over, rasp an answer;
I have spoken


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