A Fable

There were two lonely souls, Sun and Moon. Sun could not see his light but went on and on a traveler.

Moon could see herself only in the sea. As it came to pass they spied each other only twice, sunrise and twilight.

How could he find her? One day he did and this was the beginning of the world. They met and married at evening and in the morning four children stirred.

These were the four directions. The first was South. Her song was water, the ocean lapping on every shore. The second was East. He rivaled the sun in light. The third was West. She welcomed her mother in her heart. The fourth and last was North, out of the myriad gleaming souls from Heaven's peak to the far horizon.

One night, while Sun was gone and Moon hiding away, a fiery form traveled slowly toward North's path. The form was spread out over all the North sky as diadem and gown for a Princess of Creation, made on high for North to wear once every Age on her birthday.

And all the world watched her procession from star to star, soul to soul, human animal plant, blessing born and unborn of Heaven and Earth.

March 24, 1996

Vic Winter, Photo of Comet Hyakutake, March 1996
Vic Winter, Photo of Comet Hyakutake, March 1996

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