Henry Moore, Half Figure Mother and Child, 1983

Henry Moore, Half Figure Mother and Child, 1983
© The Henry Moore Foundation

On Sculpture

There is nothing to express, nothing from which to express,
no power to express, no desire to express,
together with the obligation to express.
--Samuel Beckett

Thoughts while looking at the statues of Henry Moore

The most crucial quality is inclination, attitude
forward and backward
left and right
mass to gravity
energy rising vertically
horizontal exists only by contrast

The best track for a novice sculptor is to say:
Now I am going to do nothing
and to begin working the material.

Intense feeling creates its own style.

Bringing the feeling to form (manifestation) is the hidden lesson.

Method itself is style, it is the moving part of creation.

Sculpture, art generally, makes you see material as something new, you have never seen this before. You yourself are new to yourself from having done this. There is great liberation in receptivity.

Moore's gift to the age is the freedom to see large visions of the human characteristics. The last historical counterpart to non-representation was before Greece: Mycenae, Crete, the monoliths and house votaries of the Matrilocal millennia, including the Paleolithic cave art that freely moved between symbolic and representational (life-like) drawings.

Moore never mentioned Stonehenge, the holy places or the dolmens. He expressed their power and focussed his vision on the human characteristics, the human elements.

The curve is Nature's reflection of the Infinite.

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