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Reading by Joanne Kyger

Advice From Philip

ADVICE FROM PHILIP        my constant teacher
              or, writing to the best Correspondent in the Whole Wild World

20 July 1962

"Poetry is what we do ... you liked Wittgenstein's idea of 'doing philosophy' ... poetry is the same."

5th October 1962

"Yes it does take nerve, to let people see what you have written, have them hear what you are saying, all of us are` ignorant & tied down to the wheels of anguish and repetition... I write & people read it & they can say, why that old phoobie is as silly & dopie as we are... but those who say so enjoy reading it & had not the energy or discipline or nerve to write it down for themselves & so they have no choice except to read me or Pascal or Melville, none of us much good but exceedingly charming & foolish men & that is literature. Or something. I get a kick out of writing. On days it isn't fun I do something else."

9 April 1963
31 January '63

"I am not at the moment in a rage but could possibly fly into one at any moment if it would amuse you."

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Joanne Kyger reading
"Advice From Philip"
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August 19, 2005

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